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JeffCo Deputy’s usual routine makes elderly woman’s day

FOX31 Denver

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DENVER — According to Jefferson County Deputy’s Jesse Daniels own admission – it was routine.

“I saw an elderly lady getting out of her car,” Daniels said.

It happens all the time; it was not above the call of duty.

“So I parked my car and asked her what was going on,” Daniels said.

A stalled car at an intersection in Littleton, the driver needed assistance.

“Very mad and very upset because cars either go or don’t go in my opinion, ” Joan Newlin said.

Maybe we should say the car needed assistance, because Joan Newlin gets along pretty well by herself.

A World War II bride from Australia, the self-described independent woman was out on errands when her car called it quits.

“She wanted to talk to or call her son so i gave her my phone so she could make that phone call,” said Daniels.


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CDC whistleblower, watch out; here come the mothers

Jon Rappoport's Blog

CDC whistleblower, watch out; here come the mothers

by Jon Rappoport

August 25, 2014


I have it on good authority that over 200 mothers of autistic children are readying a class-action suit. They already have an attorney.

They will sue, at the very least, the authors of the 2004 DeStefano study that claimed there was no link between the MMR vaccine and autism.

CDC whistleblower William Thompson, who was one of the authors of that study—and then exposed it as a fraud—should take notice.

He can become a witness for these mothers, or if he goes into seclusion and refuses to make a clear, complete, and definitive public statement, he could wind up being sued.

CDC whistleblower Thompson has a lawyer, Rick Morgan of Morgan Verkamp LLC (LinkedIn profile here).

Like any lawyer, Morgan has one and only one objective: protect his client.

This is Morgan’s current position:…

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Air Force Academy is named as possible terror attack target

FOX31 Denver

AIR FORCE ACADEMY, Colo. — An online al-Qaida magazine published articles that named the U.S. Air Force Academy as a suggested terror attack target.

“Palestine-Betrayal of the Guilty Conscience” is written in England and published in the Arabian Peninsula.

Besides the Academy north of Colorado Springs, Colo., the publication names Times Square, Las Vegas casinos, oil tankers and trains, and Georgia Military College as targets. It instructs readers on how to make homemade bombs and to set them off in crowded venues.

The Air Force Academy acknowledged the threat Thursday night and issued this statement:

“We are aware that the Air Force Academy is mentioned in a recent online publication,” the Air Force Academy said in a statement. “We remain vigilant and maintain all the appropriate protocols of a military installation to include force protection and being cognizant of existing and emerging threats. Our primary concern is always the security…

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Someone’s Drone Breaches LAX Airspace, Spooks Pilot


Creeping drone. (Photo: Pixabay) Creeping drone. (Photo: Pixabay)

As the Federal Aviation Authority drags its feet with regulation, drone owners are still testing boundaries of where they can fly them. This time, someone thought it would be a brilliant idea to zip a drone around air space near Los Angeles International Airport, which caused alarm among some pilots.

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Never Failed Me Yet Ant Bait

Clover and Thyme

Ant Bait

It’s that time of year. Sometimes they show up, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they are big, sometimes they are small. Sometimes there are many, sometimes just a few. But mercifully, no matter how many of these little darlings decide to show up in my kitchen in the spring, I only need to see them for about one day out of 365. Once I put out my delicious ant buffet, they are so “satisfied” they never come back. At least until next year.

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Taiwan’s Crippling Gas Explosion Caught On Camera


Kaohsiung, Taiwan’s second largest city, is currently in a state of disarray due to blasts caused by a gas explosion. The number of casualties has now surpassed 250, with bodies continuing to be discovered as the day progresses.

Eruptions began around midnight Thursday and continued into the morning Friday. Taiwan’s Central News Agency (CNA) announced that residents had been reporting smells of leaking gas to authorities prior to the explosions.

Investigations are currently underway to uncover how the blasts could have occurred and who was responsible. It is currently assumed that the cause was underground gas leaks from petrochemical pipelines built alongside the city’s sewer system.

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