JeffCo Deputy’s usual routine makes elderly woman’s day

FOX31 Denver

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DENVER — According to Jefferson County Deputy’s Jesse Daniels own admission – it was routine.

“I saw an elderly lady getting out of her car,” Daniels said.

It happens all the time; it was not above the call of duty.

“So I parked my car and asked her what was going on,” Daniels said.

A stalled car at an intersection in Littleton, the driver needed assistance.

“Very mad and very upset because cars either go or don’t go in my opinion, ” Joan Newlin said.

Maybe we should say the car needed assistance, because Joan Newlin gets along pretty well by herself.

A World War II bride from Australia, the self-described independent woman was out on errands when her car called it quits.

“She wanted to talk to or call her son so i gave her my phone so she could make that phone call,” said Daniels.


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