Picture of python ‘swallowing’ a wok surfaces on social media – but is all as it seems?

Like to know if this is true or false…


This image supposedly shows a wok swallowed by a snake... but is it as it seems? (Picture: YouTube/@_youhadonejob) Does this image really show a snake swallowing a wok? (Picture: Twitter/@_youhadonejob)

Python’s aren’t known for being fussy eaters.

This one feasted on a kangaroo in full view of a dinner party, while another devoured a crocodile whole.

This one swallowed an antelope in under an hour while another slithered into a kennel and gobbled up a woman’s dog – with the pet’s chain still protruding from the serpent’s mouth.

However, a picture being shared on social media seemingly shows a python’s diet is even more varied than we thought.

This image supposedly shows a snake after it ate a wok – with the outline of the frying pan clearly visible through the creature’s body.

It is unclear where the picture came from or even if it is genuine – some people have suggested it could have swallowed a tortoise while others claim the python is actually a sculpture created…

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