Poll: Statehouse GOP holds 5-point generic ballot edge over Dems

2014 will be here before we know it, hopefully Colorado House and Senate do not create more damage before then!

FOX31 Denver

DENVER — Not lost in the latest survey of Colorado voters by Public Policy Polling is this nugget: Republicans hold a five-point edge over Democrats on a generic ballot heading into state legislative races next year.

According to PPP, a typically Democrat-friendly polling outfit, voters across the state would prefer a generic Republican candidate for legislative seats over a generic Democrat by a 47-42 percent margin.

With independents, the third of Colorado’s electorate that typically decides statewide races and other toss-up elections, the Republicans’ generic ballot edge is even larger, 41-30 percent.

After two successful recall elections against two Democratic state senators in September, part of a backlash over the passage of several gun control measures in March, Democrats hold just a one-seat edge in the upper chamber.

“In just one year, Gov. John Hickenlooper and Democrats in the statehouse lost the trust of their constituents by forcing through a…

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