What did Obama & the New World Order have in mind for the United States? – Part 2 – The Evidence – by Peter Eyre

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

Are we looking here at a potentially huge catastrophic false flag event?

Part 2 – The Evidence

Nuclear detonation-1

Many people have deep concerns about the authenticity of reports regarding the potential false flag event that was planned to coincide with a major FEMA exercise on the 17th October 2013 and which was thwarted by some dedicated high ranking military officers.

As always we have to look at other evidence that can substantiate such reports and prove that the actual recorded data clearly shows a non natural event, but rather that of a man made explosion or device such as that created by HAARP or in this case that of a nuclear explosion.

Before showing the evidence let’s study the seismograms of natural earthquakes with those created by man such as nuclear tests etc:


One can clearly see the difference between the lower seismogram (ble) which shows the natural build up…

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