Composting Leaves – 4 Simple Tips To Making Great Compost With Leaves

Old World Garden Farms

The leaves have begun to turn to brilliant shades of red and orange.  Each day – a few more start their gentle decent from high atop branches down to the ground.  For gardeners –it signals that its time to get those compost piles and bins filled up with huge amounts of leaves – and turn them into valuable, plant loving compost!

For us – the falling leaves and resulting compost we make with them are a great way to obtain huge amounts of  “black gold” – the affectionate name many gardeners give to compost for it’s value to a successful garden.   Compost makes all the difference in helping to grow healthy plants – we mix in generous amounts to the soil when we plant our vegetables, as well as anytime we plant trees, shrubs or perennials in the landscape.

Here are 4 simple steps to help you make great…

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