Denver police arrest 4 suspects in light rail beating

Throw’em in a cage, give’m books, food, water, toilet, pillow and a blanket!

FOX31 Denver

DENVER — Denver police have arrested four people accused of beating a man at a light rail station in Five Points. A fifth suspect remains at large.

All of the suspects are juveniles, except for one, said police spokeswoman Raquel Lopez.

The attack and beating happened Sept. 18 and was recorded by surveillance cameras.

Police said at least five men kicked and punched the 23-year-old victim at the station at East 30th Avenue and North Downing Street.

One of the five suspects has been identified as Daishwan Matthews, 18.

Lopez said juvenile woman turned herself into authorities Thursday and a third suspect, a man, was already in police custody on a separate charge.

The fourth suspect was arrested at the scene.

Denver police were criticized for their handling of the case after the department waited several weeks after the attack to release the surveillance video.

Tuesday Police Chief Robert…

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