Gun control backers defeated

The people have spoke and we’re tired of people like you calling foul when ZERO exists. We The People are tired of these so called reps walking all over our rights and creating laws that are not only absurd but violate the US Constitution, let alone the States Constitution! Giron and Morse (might I add is the creator/drafter of the “New Voter Rules” so for them to say “They didn’t know” is horse hockey, just another lib reaching/claiming “I’m the victim”. DO YOU EVEN KNOW HOW MUCH GIRON SPENT ON THIS RECALL CAMPAIGN OR HOW MUCH MORSE SPENT?!!! HELLO… ANYBODY HOME?! Republicans trail badly in the money race. In total, Democratic groups have raised over $2.6 million and spent almost $2.3 million in the two races. Republican interests have raised not even $523,000 and spent less than $482,000. Clearly, Democrats are taking the recall threat seriously and are both better funded and better organized. – See more at:

CNN Newsroom

Brooke and two of CNN’s political commentators discuss an overridden bill that could pit feds against locals in Missouri. They also discuss the two pro-gun control state legislators who have been recalled in Colorado.

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