Bloomberg gives $350K to Morse, Giron recall defense

Thank goodness this recall didn’t happen in DENVER! Way to many #lowinfo #sheeple . I believe true COLORADANS WILL take back our state!

FOX31 Denver

DENVER — New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg wrote a personal check for $350,000 to Taxpayers for Responsible Democracy, the issues committee fighting the recalls targeting Senate President John Morse and Sen. Angela Giron.

FOX31 Denver is first to report the group’s contributions report, filed Tuesday with the Secretary of State.

Bloomberg’s contribution reportedly came just last week, according to multiple sources close to the campaign.

Billionaire Eli Broad also wrote a $250,000 check to the organization, which raised a total of $708,000 in contributions between April and Aug. 22.

With exactly two weeks remaining until the Sept. 10 recall elections that will determine the fate of Morse and Sen. Angela Giron, D-Pueblo, both of whom irked some constituents by supporting tougher gun control laws this year, the organization has $286,745 cash on hand.

Overall, more than 17,000 individuals contributed to the campaign to help the lawmakers survive these recalls…

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