Governor Hickenlooper has let us down as a leader. He has waged war on the Constitution, and rural Colorado. He decided to ignore a court decision made by a jury, and upheld by appellate courts, and let a convicted murderer of children go on living. Even more recently, he has lobbied his support for a $1 Billion tax increase, and went public about how he feels there is too much transparency in government!

Hickenlooper has become a true politician, and has lost touch with his constituents. He has created such a divided environment in our state that two legislators are facing recall elections, almost all of our Sheriffs are suing the state, he had a lawsuit brought against him by our own Secretary of State, and several counties are looking into seceding from Colorado. It is time that we end his reign of tyranny, and get someone new in office in 2014, before it is too late, and we can no longer recognize our great state!

By signing this petition, I pledge to show up and vote against Hickenlooper in 2014. I will do whatever I can to make sure we take our state back, and put a true leader in office.




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