Overpasses for Impeach Obama 8/10/13 I-25 & Hampden

Here is a response to a “Sheeple” who was responding to AMERICANS requesting the IMPEACHMENT OF Obama  that 9NEWS reported, http://www.9news.com/comments/349537/0/Overpasses-for-Obamas-Impeachment-protest-held-at-I-25-and-Hampden    Thanks Christine Martinez and THANK YOU for your service!

It’s no wonder America is in the shape it’s in right now.  We have and continue to DUMB DOWN The People… just look at Common Core.  Wake up people, you think you’re getting something for free?!  Soon everything will be taken from you including your Obamaphone!!!!!

Doug Brown Chew on this: On February 15, 2013, I replied to a comment to two others following ALIPAC’s post. For the sake of brevity, I’m re-posting my comment & the link.
Christine Martinez: “@ Sean Britton: Anyone who says there’s no case to impeach Obama is WRONG!! (Sorry, Michael Cano.) There are MANY reasons to impeach Obama and tomorrow, Saturday, February 16, 2013, protesters who want to see Obama impeached will be rallying in all capitols of the 50 United States!! The REASONS to impeach are:
1.) Ineligible candidate (Obama is NOT an American citizen!!) who’s stolen another person’s SSN & name, falsified Birth Certificate and U.S. Passport documents.
2.) Benghazi debacle – Obama knew Libya was ripe for terrorist attacks PRIOR to 09/11/2012 and he deliberately refrained from taking appropriate anti-terrorist countermeasures because the whole thing was a farce, but the ‘plan’ with the terrorists turned deadly when the Embassy personnel — two former USN SEALs — tried to defend themselves.
3.) Illegal immigration reform — there are processes that have been approved and enacted by this Nation’s forefathers, hundreds of years before Obama proposed reform… which WORK, and are FAIR!
4.) Obamacare — more than 50% of the individual States oppose and are refusing to comply with this nationally-mandated healthcare program.
5.) Treason. Plain & simple. If Obama hadn’t committed treason by trying to use Taliban and al-Qaeda terrorists in Benghazi, Libya, (which he did!) then he certainly did when he spent $70,000.00 to apologize for a fake “reason” his Administration claimed sparked the attacks, or the nearly $500 MILLION he’s approved to have the State Department (oh yes, that’s HILLARY’s department) spend in Muslim countries that want their mosques rebuilt/renovated on OUR American dollar$!!! Lastly, he’s arming terrorists and countries that are terrorist-sympathizers with OUR American war-technology… from GUNS to PLANES!!!
This anti-American, Muslim, terrorist-sympathizer, Communist human excrement (Obama) needs to be impeached and removed from office.. NOW!!! We, Americans, HAVE ‘a case’… we just need State Representatives and Senators with the TESTICULAR FORTITUDE to charge him (1st step), and then remove him (2nd step) from office!!!
STAND UP and SPEAK OUT, Americans, before it’s too late. Protest at your State capitol on February 16, 2013!! Sign on-line demands for impeachment & print them out to mail to your State Representatives & Senators!!!

*GOD* bless America. *GOD* bless us all!”
Final Instructions for the 24 hour countdown to National Protests Against Obama – ALIPAC [www.alipac.us]

Also on that date, I had this comment in response to a post from Western Journalism’s post “Supreme Court To Conference On Obama Eligibility Today”
Christine Martinez: “Folks, Obama is a FRAUD, IMPOSTER, THIEF, & CRIMINAL!!! If you or I had stolen someone else’s identity/name and produced FALSE birth certificates and U.S. Passport information, we would be prosecuted and in Federal prison, along with assessed some hefty fines!!! Obama is NOT above the Law!!! The fact that he isn’t even ELIGIBLE to be the President of the U.S. is just the FIRST of MANY … Solyndra, Benghazi, Gun-Control (i.e., GUN-GRABS), Foreign Aid to TALIBAN, PAKISTANI & EGYPTIAN (organization/countries) … reasons why he should be impeached!!! Don’t give up, and don’t forget!! STAND UP & SPEAK OUT!!! Call, write, and/or email the Supreme Court of the U.S. (SCOTUS)!!! They have a LEGAL OBLIGATION to see JUSTICE done!!!” ♥

So you see, Doug, there are more than enough reasons to impeach Obama, and you can be sure he is just the tip of the iceberg. Complacency is just as bad as criminality. Anyone who allows Obama to continue holding the position of President of the United States is guilty of complacency. Instead of spouting your ignorance, you might want to educate yourself. I’m not waiting for others to perform their patriotic duties, I’m leading the way.


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