Muslim Acts of Beheading Inside the United States

This is NOT a civil, peaceful, loving religion. It is not even a religion if you ask me, more like a cult! A cult of terror!

sharia unveiled

Sword of Islam 4


by, J. Schuyler Montague | sharia unveiled

The act of beheading another human being has to be an example of man striving to reach his lowest common denominator within humanity.  Many Americans are completely unaware that beheadings are not just something that takes place “somewhere over there.”  In reality, there have actually been many cases of beheadings in the U.S. over the past decade, although you would never know it by observing the main stream media.  Almost all of these cases are suppressed or outright censored by government officials, agencies and media elites.  The primary reason for this being the “religion” of those carrying out the beheadings.  Islam.  Our current administration does not wish to disrupt the false-indoctrination of Islam being a peaceful and loving religion.

Within any society or culture that is inhabited by muslims there is a phenomena known as “Islam’s Rule of Numbers.”  Basically it states…

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