Obama Administration Delays Health Care Law Employer Penalty Until 2015

This is inexcusable! Why are the checks and balances not working? Why is it that we have allowed Obama to dictate to the American People like this… come on people wake up! This whole so called healthkill bill will end the freedom and liberty that many living in this country hasn’t earned nor will they ever appreciate what it means to be BORN IN AMERICA! This DICTATOR must be stopped just like Morsi!!!


The Obama Administration announced on Tuesday that it is delaying implementing a key component of the Affordable Care Act for a year following complaints from the private sector about reporting requirements.

The so-called employer mandate, which penalizes employers with more than 50 employees if they fail to provide a minimum standard of affordable health insurance, was set to kick in in 2014, but now will take effect in 2015, the Treasury Department announced in a blog post first reported by Bloomberg News. The delay not only allows the Administration time to alleviate concerns among business owners, but also takes a controversial component of the law off the table before the midterm elections.

The vast majority of employers that already provide coverage to their employees raised concerns about burdensome reporting requirements under the law, a complaint the Administration is particularly sensitive to. Companies that don’t meet the law’s requirements now have an…

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