Bacon – does it get any better than that?

On the lighter side, mmmm… BACON

Blasted Fools

It’s time for me to fulfill my promise or threat, depending on your point of view – to add some lighthearted content and give you a breather from the heavy political fare that is customary at Blasted Fools.  I’ve concluded that Bacon is, for the present moment at least, the number one official food of Blasted Fools.  Let me clarify.  I don’t mean that Blasted Fools eat Bacon, although I’m certain that some do.  I mean that just as the Olympic Games has an official soft drink and deodorant, athlete’s foot remedy and sports shoe – Blasted Fools, the blog site, has a featured food that we hold up as ideal.  That would be Bacon.

Why, you might ask, did Bacon win out over Steak, for instance?   It was close, very close, but Bacon has just a tad more versatility. Think about it – you can naturally have it…

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