Audio: Benghazi Drone Operator to Hannity: ‘We Were Not Allowed To Be Armed, That Night’

America wants the truth and so do the family’s of Benghazi, they deserve the truth! Stop this government cover up! Demand JUSTICE AMERICA!

Nice Deb

Sean Hannity took a call from a member of the military who claimed to be  the camera operator for the Predator drone mission over Benghazi on the night of September 11, 2012.  The caller, who identified himself as John from Iowa,  said he knew immediately that the Regime was lying about what happened, but due to non-disclosure agreements was prevented from saying anything.  He said when they started observing the consulate, it was already under attack and on fire. He remembered seeing a crowd of dozens if not hundreds of fighters outside the consulate and noted dryly, ” if this was a protest, it would have been a protest for all ages.”  They soon were  asked to monitor the CIA annex where they were to  make sure no one was trying to break into it, not that there was much he could do about it,  because of the Status of Forces agreement we have with…

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