Car Salesmen and Immigration Reform

Blasted Fools

First of all, despite my unwillingness to devolve to politically correct terminology (see Associated Press and Illegal Immigrant), I will point out that women also sell cars, new and used, although not in great numbers.  What I mean, not in great numbers, is that I haven’t noticed a lot of ladies in the car selling ‘profession’ – probably because the whole idea of attempting to substitute an excrement sandwich for the ‘great deal’ that was originally promised, doesn’t seem like a moral and ethical thing to do.

But there are no shortage of guys out there who think that God has gifted them with the talent of using their ‘superb communication skills’ to flim-flam customers and make extra money – and they should put those talents to good use.  That’s Rahm Emanuel thinking.

I went – or actually, my wife went looking for cars last month.   We’ve been down that…

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