Well… gimme a sec… I… don’t know what to say… HOLY COW!    And I’ve been going crazy about



and Georgia Guidestones


If this is true, I keep my guns, WHO am I going to shoot?  Someone who steals my food or water, this can all be taken without any one person right in front of me!

The ResoNation



LandStrike 2009
Landstrike is the gripping story of Hurricane Nicole from its birth in the Altantic Ocean to its catastrophic rampage up New York City’s Hudson River. It is also an enthralling account of the horrific storm’s aftermath as residents, suddenly isolated from the world without electricity, food, water and even communications try to survive in Stone Age conditions!

This fictional book wasn’t far off the mark, with one big caveat: the author didn’t take weather modification into consideration.  Truth is stranger than fiction, so brace yourself for the true story of the climate engineers that seek to control mother natures’ raw fury; the hurricane.

I live in South Carolina, and hurricanes have been always been a part of my life.  Back in 1989, Hurricane Hugo leveled my hometown of Sumter, South Carolina.  Hugo, a Category 4 hurricane with 135 mph winds, the second strongest…

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