Regarding the committee hearings Monday on the 4 anti-gun-rights bills at the Colorado Capitol:

The Democrat leadership has changed the process for the gun hearings AGAIN. It appears they are now going to take testimony and vote on each bill one at a time. They are giving the opposition three minutes for each witness, for a total of 90 minutes, followed by the proponents being given their 90 minutes. Following the public testimony, the committee members will then debate/discuss each bill prior to the vote, and then proceed to the next bill. So, I would assume each bill will take a minimum of 3.5 to 4 hours each. To make matters worse, they have rearranged the order of bills on the calendar and have moved HB 1226, the concealed carry bill, to the very end of the State Affairs Committee calendar. Therefore, if we start at 10:30 and take four hours each on the first two bills, we would not get to the concealed carry bill, the most publically controversial bill the committee until 6:30PM. I believe the Democrats have purposely scheduled the calendar in this manner to ensure that the most powerful testimony of the day will not occur until it is too late for the afternoon news.

Needless to say I am getting just a little frustrated with the way the Democrat leadership is changing the rules of the game every 24 hours.

Please plan your day accordingly:

IF each bill goes the full four hours, then the following is what calendar MIGHT look like. Obviously, IF any bill is heard for LESS than the allotted four hours, then the following times would change accordingly.

State Affairs Committee (Senate Committee RM 356, third floor of the Capitol)
HB 1229
 – Universal Background Checks
HB 1228
 – Background Check fees
HB 1226
 – Prohibiting Concealed Carry on college campus

Judiciary Committee (Old Supreme Court Chambers, second floor of the Capitol)
SB 197
 – Prohibition of gun possession while under a restraining order
HB 1224
 – Limiting the size of magazines
SB 196
 – Assault Weapons ban
SB 195
 – CCW training”


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