The Lizard Farmer

I’ve seen a lot over the years.  More than I really care for.  But what leaves me amazed is the folks in the “Patriot Movement”, the “III%”, and the Militia Movement that believe they will make some grandiose stand ala Lexington Green to face down the evil and corruption we are confronted with.  It makes for good fiction and film but is it feasible?

In two words – fuck no.  Those fine folks clad in multicam with their ARs, AKs, and other assorted Tchotchkes and gee-gaws assembled as the bastions for liberty are going to find one thing at that future Lexington Green – their wholesale slaughter.  And when it happens the “revolution” is going to be televised all right – only it will be portrayed by the MSM as “separatists” “sovereign citizens” “right-wing radicals” “racists” and god knows what else.  Large unit tactics of any kind are an easy…

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