Wake Up America Along With The Rest Of The World!

OK, I am tired of people not paying attention at the direction OUR WORLD LEADERS are taking We The People.  I would really like for everyone to take their time and check out the following link I’ve pasted below.  Thetruthnews is loaded with information.  Y’all really need to pull your heads out of the sand, if you think I’m wrong, prove it and TELL me!  Otherwise I suggest you start with these links here, do your own research and FORWARD this email.  This IS happening whether you like it or not!  Re-electing Obama isn’t our main problem, but he is on the fast track of THE AGENDA.
Thanks, Kelli  

Boy, if this doesn’t hit the nail right on the head!  Fast forward video to at least 34:50.  This starts Dr. Benjamin Carson‘s speech.  Gets good at 36:20.  Political Correctness hahaha!  Use those big ears of yours Obama and process it through your peabrain please!

Honorable Ann Bressington, Member of the Legislative Council, South Australia, Exposes Agenda 21, Club of Rome.  One of the best Agenda 21 videos that I’ve seen, just watch it, its only 20 minutes

Looking for the truth about ANYTHING?  The operator of this site challenges you to prove him wrong.  Unbelievable amount of info on this site!

I think I’ve sent this to many but in case I didn’t, we can kiss the 4th Amendment goodbye at this point.

How the government of The United States – Manual to get the sheeple in line.
Internment and Resettlement Operations

Here is ONE US Rep that’s pissed at the direction he is forced to take!  AWSOME!!!


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