Call to Appear Ready

State Capitol
  • Call to Appear Ready   Purpose Our Constitutional rights are under attack now. We have limited time to act. The congress will vote on the 100+ bills that have been presented which all look to limit American’s Constitutional, and God-given right to arm themselves in protection from ANY possible assailant. It is imperative that we, the supporters of the 2nd Amendment and the Constitution itself, make our presence and numbers known. Our right to peaceful assembly needs to be exercised to show our disappr…oval of further weapons restrictions in this country.   Background Several unfortunate events that have occurred in recent history are being exploited to further the agenda of restricting American’s access to various firearms. As has been the case throughout history, tragic events are used by politicians and media to further agendas using public outrage and sympathy as a catalyst. We cannot, and will not, allow our emotions to cloud our vision of what our Constitution sets forth for us in terms of our unalienable rights, as well as our patriotic duty as American citizens.   Call to Appear Ready This is a formal call to appear ready for all able and willing Americans who want to let their government know that we will NOT be bullied or enslaved. This is a call for a PEACEFUL gathering, a simple show of numbers and a demonstration of our ability to muster ranks. All who are able are urged to gather at your state capitol in a suitable place to support the numbers of people who might attend. The congressional vote is very close so this needs to happen immediately. In order to accommodate the highest probability of citizen’s work schedules, this gathering should take place on Sunday, Jan. 19, 2013 at 4pm. We won’t get a second chance. Please make every effort to coördinate with as many citizens as you are able. This will strengthen our movement and help to familiarize you with your local fellow patriots. We must make our presence known to those making these decisions. Together we stand, divided we fall.   Guidelines for success   What to expect We must expect and prepare for attempted infiltration by those who see this peaceful assembly as an opportunity to create chaos and to discredit our movement. It is imperative that we prepare ourselves both mentally and physically for this contingency. Mentally, we must understand that this is not a time for violence or protest. These things will vilify what we are trying to do and feed right into the hands of those who wish to rob us of our rights. We must remain peaceful even if provoked in this situation. The cause at hand is larger than any of us. Physically, we must prepare ourselves by removing all possible weapons and anything that could even be mistaken for a weapon from our persons. Flags can be carried, but not on a pole. No picket signs, no effigies, no giant AK47 piñatas. Though this is a rally to confirm our right to bear arms, it is also a venue that dictates the use of finesse and tact. We must understand the implications of our actions and refrain from creating fear, which again, plays into the hands of those who threaten our rights. Large groups of armed citizens become a mob and this would end horribly. This needs to be a peaceful assembly, my fellow Americans. This is our stern warning to our officials. We will go to their house and stand on the lawn and glare. They will know us and hope we never have to return.   How to behave Every citizen reporting to this assembly in every state capitol and city around the United States of America is representing every other one of us. We are the people. We all work hard in, and care about, and live in this country. Now is a time for us all to move to action, but we must be concise in our action. Each citizen reporting has a patriotic duty to represent themselves and the rest of us with the utmost dignity and respect possible. We must remember that while this is a peaceful assembly, it should be carried out with military precision. This is a somber and grievous occasion and should be treated as such. Please show this assembly the dignity and respect you would for your loved one’s funeral, for if we do not act and act effectively, it will be our Constitutional rights that we lay to rest. The general assembly should start early to ensure all reporting patriots are able to attend. At exactly 4pm all reporting citizens should be formed into ranks, standing shoulder to shoulder, creating rows as needed. This formation should be kept as orderly as possible. At the strike of 4pm all members of the assembly should join in the recital of the pledge of alliegance followed by the oath below: “I, XXXXXXXXXX, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United Sates against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; so help me God.” How to prepare Every citizen can prepare by coordinating with fellow patriots to arrange transportation to and from the assembly. We must assume that the location will have limited access and parking. Citizens are encouraged to spread the word to anyone who cares about upholding the Constitution and the rights it sets forth. Those citizens not able to make it to the assembly at the state capitol should identify and verify a location in their region for themselves and other local patriots who may not be able attend. Citizens who are able are encouraged to inform local media about these assemblies and encourage them to attend. Local coverage may reach other patriots who have not yet been informed of the assembly. This coverage may also afford citizens an opportunity to be heard.   Multitask This assembly will be an opportunity for all patriotic citizens of the United States of America to gather peacefully and see the faces of those who would stand with them in defense of their homes. This is an opportunity for us to realize our own numbers and to develop confidence in the fact that we are the People! We are the ones who grant the government its power. This is an opportunity for the American citizen and patriot to stand up and say enough. Take advantage of these opportunities before it is too late.   Remain steadfast My fellow Americans, no matter the outcome of these heinous attempts to disarm our citizenry, we will stand steadfast as Americans, for that is our legacy. We were born of conflict against tyranny, and though we live for peace, we prepare for war. The cost of freedom is eternal vigilance. We must remain vigilant and live for peace until such time as peace is no longer an option; that is the American way. We must look to our friends and neighbors for help in this matter, for no one person can do this alone. Renew mine and your own faith in yourselves and the American people and stand with us to defeat this tyranny. We will persevere. E pluribus Unum.

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