WOW! Chad Miller has a way with words. Sayin it like it is, truth needs to be told! I’m tired of the lefty lies and the idiots that believe…keep it up Chad!

The D.C. Clothesline

I find myself at an impasse in the wake of the devastating shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut which has left 20 children & 6 adults taken with abrupt merciless cruelty from this world. There is no approach of reason to try & make sense of this senseless act! There just are no words. Words will not offer comfort to the inconsolable grief of so many parents who now must find themselves having to bury their little children. As a parent myself, I don’t even want to try & imagine, because trying to comprehend so much loss under such circumstances only leaves thoughts abandoned in realms of unfathomable darkness! Driven by a tsunami of emotions. The least of which is wondering why those who commit such heinous crimes before inevitably ending their own life, can’t simply skip inflicting so much immediate harm & residual damage on so many innocents…

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  1. Thanks for re-posting this. Chad is a lifelong friend of mine and we started our little blog together after the 2012 election in which so many of us felt that our hopes hung on a sub-par conservative candidate. We started the blog just to blow off some steam and as you can see, Chad is very good at that. I envy him. I will never be the writer that he is, but i am very proud to call him my friend. Thanks again.

    • Sorry, Sorry…where I got Chris is beyond me! I’m not much of a writer, but started this blog the same as you and to hopefully do my best in getting facts and telling people to check out my blog. Sometimes challenging them to prove me wrong…there may be errors in my blog but know one has brought any to my attention so far.
      Twitter, FB and my blog are the only place I feel I can blast off…have told all if you don’t like, unfriend, block don’t read my stuff and funny…have only been challenged once. I was unprepared, but stood my ground…they finally stopped replying to me…
      Thanks for the good reads, look forward to more!

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