Newspapers quit Obama, Endorse Mitt Romney

The sleeping giant is waking up.  More and more newspapers that once endorsed Barak Obama are now endorsing Mitt Romney for November 6th Presidential election.  I don’t know if these endorsements will help Romney and hurt Obama but I’m glad to see these papers have woke up and are seeing the light.  With only Monday left to wake up the rest of the undecided, We The People need to do everything in our power to educate the undecided.  I really have a had time understanding how or why anyone is still undecided but we must do everything to show, educate and inform these people what is at stake in this election.  Jobs, Freedom, Medicare, Deficit, Benghazi, Military, Energy, Healthcare…these are only a few but major topics that Barak Obama has failed to improve and has actually made them worse off since he took office four years ago.  Obama is responsible for the way these topics have and are effecting America’s economy today, NOT BUSH!  I have touched in someway on all of these topics on my blog, keep reading here and other sites on these subjects.  You will eventually find the lies Obama and the media are telling you, sticking your head in the sand and hoping this will all go away November 6th is wrong and UNAMERICAN!

Here’s a list of the of 28 large newspapers that have dropped Obama and are endorsing Mitt Romney for President.  

1.1 620x88 28 papers quit Obama to endorse Romney

“ The economy is growing at an unacceptably anemic rate”

The Des Moines Register

2. Capture 620x182 28 papers quit Obama to endorse Romney

“It verges on magical thinking to expect Obama to get different results in the next four years.”

The Orlando Sentinel

3.daily herald logo 620x189 28 papers quit Obama to endorse Romney

“More pointedly, we are disappointed in the tone of Obama’s relentless insinuations that wealthy Americans refuse to pay their fair share. That tone is divisive and damaging for the nation and for our economy. It creates villains and victims, and unfairly so.

102612 300x250 28 papers quit Obama to endorse Romney

The Daily Herald, Chicago

4. 2 620x147 28 papers quit Obama to endorse Romney

“ The president has shown little understanding of how his failures are affecting the nation, and he hasn’t offered any tangible proposals to change course.”

Reno Gazette-Journal

5. Florida Today Logo 28 papers quit Obama to endorse Romney

“Obama’s signature achievement was confusing and ill-timed. The byzantine Affordable Care Act worsened uncertainty for business during a recession and will compound the costs of workplace benefits for four out of five working-age Americans.”

Florida Today

6. the daily tribune1 28 papers quit Obama to endorse Romney

“Nationally, the one thing that is needed above anything else is job creation. Yet, the president’s economic proposal is to raise taxes on the job-creating class. Why ever would you raise taxes on anyone when real unemployment is around 15 percent? That defies all economic theories.  Let’s face it: Romney is more of a businessman than a politician. You can resent his wealth all you want, but he has a proven record as a turnaround artist.”

The Daily Tribune, Royal Oak, MI

7. Chronicle logo 620x297 28 papers quit Obama to endorse Romney

“As Texans, it is a particular vexation that this president’s attitude toward the interests of our state has occasionally bordered on contempt, particularly in decisions relating to the NASA budget and the energy sector.”

Houston Chronicle

8. the tennessean 620x144 28 papers quit Obama to endorse Romney

“President Obama’s steps to get spending under control and reduce the debt are too tentative, and again hark back to his inability to possess the leadership to break the partisan gridlock in Congress.”

The Tennessean

9. LosAngelesDailyNewsLOGO 620x455 28 papers quit Obama to endorse Romney

“Instead of taking charge in Washington, Obama has shown unwillingness to take even the most basic step in presidential leadership: picking up the Oval Office phone to bring his influence to bear on reluctant representatives and senators.”

Los Angeles Daily News

10. Fort Worth Star Telegram logo 28 papers quit Obama to endorse Romney

“Romney is an agent of change whose primary campaign thrust has been the economy and his plans and qualifications to improve it.”

Fort Worth Star-Telegram

11. ss1 620x124 28 papers quit Obama to endorse Romney

“But today, rather than articulate a compelling vision for growth, the president falls back on the tired talking point of increasing taxes for the wealthy.”

Sun Sentinel Fort Lauderdale, FL

12. qct logo square1 28 papers quit Obama to endorse Romney

“The president laments congressional gridlock that fomented under the inflammatory leadership of Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Harry Reid. The president’s deference to their reckless rhetoric further deepened congressional divide.”

Quad-City Times

13. press telegram 620x255 28 papers quit Obama to endorse Romney

“Four years ago, the editorial board’s willingness to change horses in the middle of a churning river led us to call for voters to break the Republican hold on the White House and try a Democrat with a fresh spark. Today, it leads the editorial board to urge voters to say “enough” to a Democratic administration whose sincere best has turned out disappointing, and install a seasoned leader with a record of fixing problems.

Long Beach Press-Telegram

14. pensacola new jounal logo 2 ddcz1 620x142 28 papers quit Obama to endorse Romney

“Four years ago, we recommended Barack Obama be elected. He offered himself as someone who could bridge the wide chasm between Democrats and Republicans. However, after four years, the situation has worsened.”

Pensacola News Journal

15. 33 28 papers quit Obama to endorse Romney

“Mr. Obama may have great ideas, but if he can’t get them through Congress — and there’s no reason to think anything on that account will change after Nov. 6 — they are worthless.”

The Reporter

16. Naples Daily News  Owners Band Together to Drum Up Business  Nov 16  20101 620x98 28 papers quit Obama to endorse Romney

“Some of the warnings about Obama’s lack of legislative and leadership skills have come true over the past four years. It is not worth risking the state of our economy for the next four years to see whether his learning curve really is behind him.”

Naples Daily News

17. WeinerCover 28 papers quit Obama to endorse Romney

“Class warfare might be a successful strategy for cobbling together 270 electoral votes. But it’s not the way to unite a divided nation. The president comes to town on a Monday, takes our money, shakes our hands and tells us how much he values the CEOs and innovators of New York. And then on Tuesday, he turns around and refers to business leaders as fat cat bankers whose success was created by the sweat of others. That’s not a friend. That’s not a leader. That’s a politician.”

The New York Observer

18. 4f843bbcd3bcb.preview 620 28 papers quit Obama to endorse Romney

“Voters may well wonder if Obama even knows what it means to get spending under control.”

Billings Gazette

19.pasadena star news web 620x101 28 papers quit Obama to endorse Romney

“Instead of following through on his hope-and-change message, Obama keeps telling us the limits of hope and change.”

Pasadena Star-News

20. www.sentinelandenterprise1 620x196 28 papers quit Obama to endorse Romney

“In 2008, an unproven Obama promised things would turn out differently with him in charge. “Change we can believe in” is how he put it. Four years later we realize it was all made up.”

Fitchburg Sentinel & Enterprise

21. eCapeCodTimesLogo 28 papers quit Obama to endorse Romney

“It was the vision of hope and change that convinced us four years ago to support then-Sen. Barack Obama over Sen. John McCain.  Today, there is little hope in how another four years of an Obama administration would swiftly and effectively lift our country out of its economic doldrums, and there is little change in how Washington operates.”

Cape Cod Times

22. images1 620x140 28 papers quit Obama to endorse Romney

“Good intentions, repeated promises and lofty rhetoric are no substitute for sound economics and a foreign policy grounded in realism and strength.”

“Obama spent a year to win razor-thin passage of a divisive law that has spawned fights over expensive mandates, new taxes and infringement of religious liberties.”

Worcester Telegram & Gazette

23. Shreveport Times 28 papers quit Obama to endorse Romney

“It is true that in 2008 we endorsed the change promised by Obama, but the reality today is – four years later – we have little confidence Obama will be more successful managing the economy and the budget going forward. Indeed, we feel change is needed again. And we believe Romney fills that ticket.”

The Shreveport Times

24. joplin 28 papers quit Obama to endorse Romney

“Sure, funding for public broadcasting is an insignificant part of the budget, but if Obama isn’t even willing to cut one one-hundreth of 1 percent of federal spending for something that is non-vital to America, then the president is not serious about reducing spending at all.

If Obama is not serious about that, he is the wrong person for the job.”

The Joplin Globe

25. nhmorningjourn 28 papers quit Obama to endorse Romney

“But here’s the rub: Obama has had four years. What improvements he’s overseen are largely incremental. Instead, lectures become excuses. And the excuses wear thin.  Eventually, Obama’s words, meant for Romney, blow back: Where’s the plan? Where does this White House administration see America in four years? In all of that campaigning, that plan didn’t emerge.”

Journal And Courier, Lafayette,IN

26. BDT LOGO FACEBOOK 28 papers quit Obama to endorse Romney

“This administration from day one has waged a deplorable crusade to kill coal mining jobs, and to close coal-fired power plants, through a politically motivated Environmental Protection Agency.”

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

27. Casper Star Tribune 28 papers quit Obama to endorse Romney

“Obama’s Term In The White House Has Been Quite Possibly The Most Disappointing Presidency In The History Of The United States.”

Casper Star-Tribune

28. 101030HalloweenVancouverWash 28 papers quit Obama to endorse Romney

“President Obama has strong support among women and ethnic minorities, but his avowed goal of bringing together all Americans remains only a faint dream. After four years, he has run out of time.”

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