Uncovering Libya Scandal – Obama Will Stop at Nothing!

I am very sorry for all the destruction hurricane Sandy has brought the northeast.  My prayers go out to anyone affected by this disaster.  So far, for the first time in Obama’s reign, it appears that he is doing his job.  He left Florida before he could campaign yesterday to go back to DC and monitor the hurricane.  According to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Obama is giving and doing everything he can for him and I’m sure Obama is doing the same for all states affected by Sandy. 

ALL THAT SAID…BENGHAZI STILL NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED!  Everyday, more information is coming out and revealing the truths of Obama’s involvement in the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens plus three more Americans.  The People want the truth and the truth will prevail.  This site I’m posting is a really good read along with the posted reader’s comments.  Please read the whole page, makes you think!


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