Marxism in America

Don’t believe Marxism is here in America?  You should.  Obama is doing everything in his power to rid our Constitution and create his own, based on Marxism.  This is no joke!  What do you think the auto bail out is all about?  How about Obamacare?  And why in the world are we letting the UN, half of its members being a Dictatorship, decide anything to do with the government of the USA…election observers?!…small arm treaty?!  Really?!  Please watch the video from Lt. Gen. (Ret.) W.G. (Jerry) Boykin.  He gives great points, facts and advice.  The only way to stop this, right now, is to vote for Mitt Romney and get as many Obama supporting Senators and Reps out of Washington D C.  Vote Marxism out, VOTE!

Please!  Vote Obama and his followers out!  Vote for Mitt Romney!  Lets take OUR AMERICA BACK NOW!  God Bless

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