What do you know about Obamacare?

Dr. Farid Naffah from Warren, OH is running a full-page newspaper ad explaining what a disaster Obamacare will be for healthcare in America.  No matter how you want to look at it, Obamacare is Socialcare.  Doctors will become employees of the government making a maximum of $150,000 a year.  How much does it cost to become a doctor?  How many years does it take to become a doctor?  How many hours a day does an intern put in for how many years before they get their own practice?  Who is going to put in the time and commitment required to become a doctor with $250,000+ in student loans to only make at the most $150k and be a government employee?  If Obama is re-elected, we can expect the expense of Obamacare to crush the middle class.  Eventually we will have a shortage of physicians.  Expect the quality of healthcare to decline.  So…after everything is said and done, rationing of medical services will be inevitable…and we will then have Socialized Medicine in America.  Is this cost really worth it?  Please read Dr. Naffah’s letter which has more than 40 additional doctors who agree and have sighned this letter as well.  Do you really know what Obamacare is all about???



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