America is waking up! It’s OVER Obama!


Watch video…amazing the view the liberal media has…

I just don’t get it.  There are 2 very clear choices here, and to my disbelief…half of this country wants to sit on their ass and demand a free ride…ENTITLEMENT… BULLSH!T!  So…to those who bust their ass, make the money to get the things in life that they want…Obama says, “You didn’t build that.”  To me…The President just told me that I don’t deserve what I’ve earned.  BULLSH!T!   I respect the CONSTITUTION. But the lack of checks and balances in our government for the past several decades has put our country in extreme jeopardy.  Wake the hell up America.

The whole reason a foreigner wants and chooses… to immigrate to America is the belief that they can make a better life for themselves, along with the FREEDOM that comes with being an American.  Re-electing Obama WILL become the downfall of America as we know it!  If YOU value the Constitution, your RIGHTS to YOUR religion, speech, press, assembly, petition, bear arms, the fact that the harder you work the more the reward.  Romney is a very smart and humble leader that wants nothing more than to get this COUNTRY, ECONOMY AND PEOPLE BACK TO WORK! WE THE PEOPLE… NOW… need to start paying more attention to how the people we elect are representing US!  I’ve never heard such an outcry from the people in an election…ever. People are pissed!             MONEY…MONEY…MONEY…where the hell are these TRILLIONS of $$$$$$ going and for what…  ACCOUNTABILITY – we are not holding the people we elect accountable for their votes or lack of…COME ON AMERICA WHAT THE “F” WOULD HAPPEN TO YOU IF YOU DIDN’T BALANCE YOUR CHECK BOOK for 4 YEARS!!!

We have let congress get away with too much.  And our latest and greatest…Pelosi says it best, “We have to pass it so we can read it.”  REALLY!!!  WTF!  REALLY, REALLY, REALLY…if you think “The Affordable Health Care Act” is a good thing then you should just move your happy little socialist ass out of this country!  Vote Romney!  I want My America back!  Stop the BIG GOVERNMENT, stop the LYING, stop the EPA, and stop the UNIONS (unions may have been a good thing…a hundred years ago…)



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