Obama Outspends Romney

Danger: Obama Outspending Romney On TV By DICK MORRIS Published on DickMorris.com on October 1, 2012

For the week just ended, the Obama campaign outspent Romney by a significant margin in key swing states.  In Iowa, Colorado, Florida, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio, Virginia, and Wisconsin, the Obama campaign spent $16.6 during the week of September 24th while Romney spent only $12.5 million.
Despite the widespread assumption that Romney would have more television funding in this critical final six weeks, it appears that Obama is, in fact, seizing the advantage.
The following table shows the Obama media superiority by state:

                    OBAMA          ROMNEY

Iowa             $1.2 mil          $755,000

Colorado       $1.3 mil          $777,000

Florida          $3.9 mil          $2.9 mil

NC               $700,000        $1.2 mil

NH               $1.3 mil          $188,000

Nevada         $885,000        $639,000

Ohio             $3.2 mil          $2.9 mil

Va                $3.4 mil          $2.2 mil

Wisc             $771,000        $816,000

TOTAL         $16.6 mil       $12.5 mil
(Analysis courtesy of Smart Media Group) It is particularly disconcerting that Romney is running a full million dollars behind Obama in the crucial state of Florida and is behind 2:1 in Iowa and Colorado.  (In New Hampshire, Obama appears to be buying Boston TV heavily while Romney is either not purchasing any or doing so very lightly. What are we to make of this disparity? Romney must be burning cash for non-media purposes at a fierce rate. But, more important, what are we going to do about it? GIVE MONEY TO ROMNEY! No matter how you read the polls, this election is balanced on a knife edge.  A recent Gravis poll shows less than one point separating them in Florida! Even if you’ve given to Romney before, do it again! Our nation is at stake!  If we lose this election, there is no tomorrow!!!!


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